About Our Program

The Make Room Basketball program is an organization devoted to teaching skills and instilling integrity and hard work into young men and women through the sport of basketball. Our program offers youth in Southern California a high standard of athletic programming. We are committed to helping kids excel in their lives on and off the court. We strive for high achievement academically as well. Our institution aims for progress. The program supplies our athletes with an opportunity for their aspirations and dreams to become reality. The organization is operated in the best interest of the players whether it is academics, practice or a game. The concept of teamwork is the foundation of all our values. At Make Room, we are a family who assists each other.

Goals & Objectives

  • To develop athletes who can play basketball at the highest competitive levels.
  • To encourage and build strong students and supply opportunities for success beyond basketball.
  • To be a resource for student-athletes to gain exposure in front of recruiters, scouts and college coaches.
  • Build confidence in student-athletes by reinforcing feelings of confidence, skill, success, productivity and belonging.


We are seeking your support to benefit our annual program fees for the Make Room basketball scholarship program, which sponsors a student-athlete excelling both on and off the court who cannot afford the opportunity to showcase their capabilities to acquire a college scholarship. This will help with tournament fees, travel costs, skills training and coaches. With your assistance, we can continue to develop this organization and aid the community. We are also actively seeking assistance from notable brand names to support players as well. Contributions to the Make Room Basketball program provides an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of student athletes who wants to achieve their goals. Please click under to accompany us in making a change!

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