Health and Behavior Protocol and Waiver of Liability Statement

I accept that any participant in any Make Room Basketball/Air Force related showcase, event, game or camp or travel participant who does not comply to rules, regulations and policies instituted by Make Room Basketball LLC, Air Force or any related entity is subject to removal without reimbursement or support. I hereby concede my authorization for DVD’s, photography or video of my child that are captured during his/her participation in any Make Room Basketball/Air Force, in any formation along with electronic media, to be used as by the program for any purpose, including promotion for Make Room Basketball/Air Force. The participant and his/her parents hereby relinquish and permanently renounce any rights to such images, waive the right to prior notice of such use, and accept the right for Make Room Basketball/Air Force to use such images without compensation. I am cognizant that the activities (showcases, games, camps, events and trips) my child is participating in (as well as any necessary medical treatment produced as a result of said activity) may involve danger and hazards of critical injury or death as one of the results affiliated with the activity. I have examined these risks and i still request that my child be able to participate in the aforementioned activities despite the importance of these risks. Additionally, I consent not to bring any legal action against Make Room Basketball (MRB), Make Room Basketball Staff, Air Force and Air Force staff , Make Room Basketball sponsors or person making the medical resolutions as a result of any injury, property damage or death that my child maintains while competing in the (MRB) sponsored event (or any following medical treatment administered thereafter) or death/injuries endured in the course of his/her participation. I hereby empower any adult advocate of Make Room Basketball into whose care the aforementioned minor child has been entrusted, to receive medical attention from a licensed medical doctor, dentist or facility. The medical/dental care is to include, but not limited to, any anesthetic, x-ray examination, medical or surgical diagnosis or treatment and hospital care to the child mentioned above under the general or special care and upon the input of a licensed medical doctor or dentist. It is understood that this approval is given beforehand of any particular diagnosis, treatment or hospital care being recommended but is given to grant authority and qualification on the part of the aforementioned adult to give specific consent to any and all such treatment, diagnosis or hospital care which the prior mentioned doctor or dentist in the examination of his/her perception may deem worthy. This authorization shall consist of transportation to acquire the medical or dental care. This authorization is given pursuant to the provisions of Section 25.8 of the Civil Code of California. This authorization shall remain effective until my child accomplishes his/her activities in this organization unless sooner renounced in writing. In the occurrence of injury to my child, I agree that I and my health care provider shall be financially culpable for any medical treatment required by my child as a result of any illness or injury suffered during his/her particular in any Make Room Basketball activities.