Bryce Cartwright

Founder, Executive Director & Trainer

Bryce Cartwright is an award winning point guard who first played collegiate basketball at Fresno State and finished at the University at Iowa. He has also competed professionally in countries such as Kosovo, Estonia and Lithuania. Bryce developed a perception both on and off the court to assist with their basketball skills and give student athletes a platform to display their abilities in competitive athletic events. His participation both collegiately and professionally gave him a profound appreciation for players who are trying to achieve their own levels of success. Bryce has also trained players who have earned scholarships for basketball. This involvement with playing against the best competitors and training student athletes has granted Bryce the capability to steer players in the right direction.

Marcus Morris

Program Coordinator & Coach

Marcus Morris was born in Tacoma, Washington. His family relocated to Compton, California in the latter part of the 90’s. Growing up as a teenager, Marcus exhibited his athletic talent as a member of the Parks & Recreation system. As he continued to progress as a player, he discovered his passion for coaching. In high school, Marcus played varsity basketball for Compton High School. He then attended Cal State Dominguez Hills where he obtained a degree in Sociology. Marcus assisted in helping both Dominguez and Compton High school in winning CIF championships in 2008 and 2015 respectively. He does not solely coaches his student athletes, but Coach Morris is a mentor who aims to impart good morals in his players. For the last eight years, Marcus has coached at the high school level which allowed him to reach the level of varsity coach.

Aaron Humber

Youth Development Programmer

Aaron Humber is one of the establishing members of Make Room Basketball Program. He and Marcus Morris began coaching and advising student-athletes at the high school and recreation levels. Aaron has been associated with various NBA players, AAU programs and travel teams in Southern California. He has also help foster numerous student athletes and organizations instilling a vision for success. Coach Humber has been conducive to the Make Room Basketball organization by mentoring all levels. Supplementary to this, he Has aided with sponsorships and fundraising for the program.