Personal Training

basketball personal training• Workouts are 1 Hour – 90 minutes
• Sessions may consist of 1-4 additional players to ensure productive workouts
• Personalized & Continuing Guidance With Your Make Room Basketball Trainer

Sometimes there are occurrences when an athlete or parent decides to solely workout in a private location. We offer the option of both at Make Room, however there are occasions where our inquiries and schedule will not grant exclusive training.

While independent training is not something MRB can always grant, personal training and personal treatment is guaranteed! Whether if we are working with one player or several players, the direct attention & personal training is equivalent. Not only does a remarkable trainer’s caliber elevates when more than one athlete is training, but an athlete’s capability to amplify their game increases when they are working with a player or several others.

Additional athletes in a workout session presents more intensity and added coaching points. In actuality, you can not be afraid to commit errors openly. Being capable to sharpen skills with other players (Teammates) whom may be better or worse is an art that should be obtained. What is the information we are giving athletes if we communicate that they should just train exclusively? That the individual may be too advanced? Is the player too conscious of making infractions openly? At Make Room we extend the athlete’s abilities to be the hardest worker on the court. For training, progress is imperative. MRB provides exceptional training sessions and will demonstrate to you how to work individually during the course of action.

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