Program Fees

Program Fees will be due monthly. Included will be uniforms and tournament cost. Teams are expected to compete in 1-3 events per month based on the upcoming schedule for the year. Traveling far distances or out of state may provide additional costs. Make Room Basketball fees for registration are non-refundable.

The AAU season is predominantly dormant during a common basketball season ranging from November through February as most of the AAU players are playing in school, recreation or travel programs. This applies for the high school student-athletes. Our younger age groups will compete monthly. Most AAU teams are very involved between spring and summer with some playing through fall. Team placements usually occurs in early February and are arranged by age and gender. Teams are subjected to change throughout the year. Most games are played in tournaments (some AAU sanctioned and some not) that generally happens on weekends. Some teams compete locally, while others will travel nationwide.

Due to scheduling variances, college coaches are occupied with their own teams during fall and winter and the opportunity to see players participate against top competition. AAU tournaments have become crucial in college recruiting. Make Room Basketball ensures that student-athletes will be given an opportunity to perform in front of top competition.

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