Coaches Duties

The Make Room coaching staff will devote a vast amount of time and sacrifice in coaching the student-athletes. They are not accountable for providing transportation for players to and from games or practices (although this happens frequently at every coaches’ discretion). Questions, complaints and concerns should be directed to an appointed team manager. The team manager responsibility will be to relay that information to the respective coach. We ask that everyone stick to this policy.

Parent Duties

The team manager is not the only parent with an important role. We ask that parents volunteer to assist with team needs, including: possible fundraising, communicating and car-pooling. These commitments are not restricted to those parents whose kids need the assistance of fundraising. The more everyone works together and communicate, the smoother the organization will run and the more student-athletes will benefit from the program.

Playing Time

The Make Room Basketball program has no mandatory rules about playing time. Therefore, it is at the discretion of the coach to determine playing time on the court. It is not the organization’s policy to “win at all cost”, but we do anticipate our teams will be competitive and winning games are imperative. If the player has a question regarding playing time, they can address those concerns to the coach directly, who will be able to give honest and straight forward answers and advice.

Team Selection

The Make Room program will host teams for the 5th-12th grades. Teams are determined by the coaching staff by a try-out process. The number of teams and the number of players will be decided by the talent of the student-athletes at the try-out process. It is feasible that teams will not be completed at the try-out process. In this event, players may be added to rosters throughout the season to fill particular talent needs.


Practices will be occasionally scheduled by the program and coaching staff at an appointed location. If for any reason a player cannot attend, we request that you notify a coach or someone on staff. We recognize that unforeseen circumstances can transpire.